War Mod

New version, 2012-10-15, has a mod that transforms the game into a first-person shooter.



  • Four weapons: pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle. They differ in accuracy, delay, damage, number of bullets, etc.
  • Three classes: soldier, medic (gives medical kit), support (gives ammo).
  • Mode command. It allows to switch between collaborative map creation and play, without leaving the game server.
  • Ammo reloading (R key. Respawn is now O key.)
  • Iron sights (right click)
  • Countdown to respawn. Players are respawned every 30 seconds. Dead player model.


  • 3d sound
  • Network is done now with UDP instead of TCP to reduce lag.
  • Inventory scrolling.

The idea for war mod comes from Ace of Spades game.

To host your own War mode server currently you must change Mods/current.txt file from “Fortress” to “War”.

List of planned next updates is at Wiki todo page .

Written on October 15, 2012