Entity Update

Today we proudly present version 2015-02-17.
A lot has changed since the last version so here’s a quick overview of the biggest changes.

New block types

As of popular request we have added some more blocks to the game. This includes new types of wood as well as some completely new blocks like Sandstone or Red Sand. For now these new blocks are only available in creative mode.

In one of the next releases the world generator will also get an update so the new blocks can be found naturally.


We introduced a new, much more flexible system for players and other entities. This system enables the use of signs (which we had to disable in this version due to stability issues) as well as easy extension of all existing mobs. This is a big step closer to wildlife and NPCs in the game.

A HTML5 game client

Yes, that’s right. We’ve created a fully compatible HTML5 version of the game. You can join any regular server directly from within your browser. No need to install anything. No plugins, just JavaScript. Please note that this might still have some issues that we didn’t find. If you come across some nasty bugs, help us squash them by reporting them on GitHub.

You can find that new game client here: manicdigger.github.io

Written on February 17, 2015